Getting Sober is Easy at our Top Rated New York Drug Rehab Center

Personalize Your Drug Treatment at our New York Rehab

Our New York drug rehab programs will provide you with a personalized treatment plan that is not only effective but affordable. Oasis uses a customized and private treatment plan for each client’s specific needs, so that our clients can heal and recover in a way that suits them. We keep our program small because it helps us not only form a bond with our clients to help them overcome their addiction, but also provides them with a chance to permanently recover and be free from their drug or alcohol dependency.

Our holistic approach to treatment uses the principles of nutrition, fitness, and managing pain naturally, so that our clients can overcome their drug addictions as well as heal their souls. Our top of the line drug rehab New York addiction professional therapists guide each person through a healing path to sobriety, enhancing their wellness, nutrition, and inner balance; while helping them to build a support network full of people who keep them sober. We offer group therapy, individual counseling, and spiritual counseling, as well as EMDR therapy, anger management, and relapse prevention tracks.

We Make it Easy To Get Sober – New York’s Finest Drug Rehab Center

Addiction can sometimes be a complex disease, and our professional drug rehabilitation clinicians and therapists are experienced in treating cross addictions such as gambling or sex addictions; as well as addressing deeper mental health issues that may be the underlying cause for your dependency. Clearing the path to sobriety will help us make you succeed in remaining sober. Your addiction doesn’t only affect you. It also has a strong impact on your loved ones.

Your stay at our drug rehab center in Brooklyn is an important factor in your journey to recovery, and by inviting your loved ones to support you during this crucial process, you’ll have a much easier time staying sober for life. Drug and alcohol dependency affects the whole family and for that reason the famiy program is a major factor to our rehab program.

Our drug rehab centers are abstinence-based holistic methods that utilize the Twelve-Step model, and your personalized treatment plan will include some or all of the following:

A total-wellness approach that involves exercise, eating healthy, and natural pain management methods Daily meditation and sessions that involve setting goals for yourself Gym workouts, yoga sessions, and Tai Chi classes occur all week, and can aide in detoxing your body from the harmful chemicals of drugs and alcohol. Weekly chiropractic and massage services

At our top rated drug rehab centers New York, you will appreciate our system for treating the mental, physical, and emotional aspects to drug abuse, because they will give you a solid foundation of sobriety. Our team of dedicated professionals is experienced with treating addiction and the behavioral issues that occur during the process. Our rehab centers offer customized clinical supervision, consistent evaluations, and regularly updated individualized recovery plans. If at any point a patient has a mental breakdown during their stay here, they do not have to wait for someone to address it.

The Best Treatment Drug Rehab Centers should provide:

  • Medical staff that specializes in addiction medicine
  • An on-site 24/7 medical team
  • Professional interdisciplinary medical and clinical staff
  • Psychiatrist specializing in addiction
  • A top of the line dual-diagnosis program
  • Courses on managing medication
  • Life skills like nutrition and exercise
  • Therapy alone or in groups
  • Therapy involving families
  • Art and therapy, along with eventful recreational activities

Decent drug rehab programs have specialty treatment programs. They include LGBT recovery programs, rehab which is Christian-based, and specialty women’s programs. Our rehab center is fully developed based on the most effective recovery programs that deal with the specific needs of each client. Addiction takes control of your entire life, and getting sober takes a great deal of energy and motivation.

The final reward is that you get your life back. Addicts eventually come to a place where they learn their challenging issues have developed a a sense of self worth, emotional stability, and maturity. Your complete honesty is needed for you to start walking on the road to recovery.

Can you gain sobriety without rehab? Can you get sober if you are always passing the liquor store or the spot where you used drugs? Can you deal with cravings alone? Your answer to these three questions, based on current statistics, is probably “no”. Thankfully, recovering in a detox and rehab, away from home, will up your chances at staying sober.